INTRODUCTION is an international directory of corporate filing and document preparation service companies. provides an efficient and inexpensive means for service providers to profile their companies, and for potential customers to quickly access information germane to selecting a service company.

Listing in the Registry indicates a company's willingness to provide a comprehensive profile to its potential customers. is a service of Probus Research.


Probus Research is a San Francisco based public record research and document retrieval company, founded in 1985. Probus Research is not a corporate filing or document preparation company. Probus Research provides limited corporate document retrieval services, and may provide services to some of the companies listed in the Registry. No corporate service provider, however, is either benefited or prejudiced by any business relationship it may or may not have with Probus Research. is open to any corporate service provider that wishes to list its services.


Probus Research encourages accuracy, but does not warrant the accuracy of information provided in the Registry. Listing content is created, edited and maintained by the listing company. Editorial review by Probus Research is limited to typographical correction.

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